About Us

Archland architects believe in creating a neighborhood where buildings speak for themselves. Archland Architects is the leading architectural consultancy firm based in Kolhapur and Pune, offering its consultancy all over India. Currently firms projects are executed in cities of Kolhapur, Pune, Kagal, Ratnagiri, Chiplun, Baramati, and Rudrapur.

Firm is developed in year 1988 with two pioneers developing further to a team of about 25 people. Archland Architects has successfully designed and executed projects for clients ranging from real estate developers, institutions, health care centers, hospitality sector to urban development.

Director/ Admin Ar. Sambhaji Patil himself is involved in designing process of every project and further is well looked into it by specialized architects. Every details are well looked to execute project from drawings to site in stipulated time frame.


Archland architects, Interior and Landscape Consultants is an Architectural Firm Based in City of Kolhapur. Working within and around city of Kolhapur. Firm’s portfolio since last 30 years has grown from one-off houses to large scale residential townships, education, cultural, leisure and civic projects.


Archland architects PVT. LTD. is an further expansion of firm Archland architects, Interior and Landscape Consultants. Firm is developed in a year ___, based in City of Pune.
ARCHLAND ARCHITECTS is the combined venture of two firms developing two great design practices into an stronger, more distinct voice that is characterized by the strength ideas of admin/ Director Mr. Sambhaji D Patil and Suruchi S Patil, Making the world a better place by the spirit of our culture and the passion of our people.